Craving and Cooking

Cravings are usually associated with pregnancy. However, throughout my three pregnancies, I never really had any strong cravings.

The cravings that I have is more due to living far away from my homeland. Malaysia is a blessed country where food is abundance. Whenever I feel like eating certain kind of food, I didn’t have to put much effort in the kitchen, provided I have money to spend.

Cooking takes a lot more effort because it requires googling for a reliable recipe, driving out in the traffic jam and trying to find a parking space to buy the necessary ingredients and then more hours slaving in the kitchen. Even worse, the cooking didn’t turn out the way you wanted, your family refused to eat what you prepared and the kids preferred to dial the pizza anyway.

Now that I live in Tokyo  with a working husband (instead of living on a student’s budget), we had a choice to go out to Malaysian restaurants once in a while. I had also known a lady whose husband works at the Malaysian Embassy who takes special order every Wednesday. For this coming Wednesday, this is the menu she’s offering: nasi dagang and laksa Penang.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-02 at 18.54.45

I had tried cooking nasi dagang before and shared the pictures in this entry and then another entry, but I have never tried making laksa Penang even though it was my late mum’s favourite. My sisters too are great at making it. Somehow, I have this fear that it might not turn out the way they made it if I tried to make it.

However, there are some Malaysian food that I had tried to make but usually with some modification to the recipes, depending on the availability of the ingredients as well as my family’s taste preference.

Among the noodles that I had made are laksa Johor and mi rebus. Then I had also tried making nasi kerabu.


The other rice such as nasi lemak, nasi ayam (chicken rice), nasi biryani, nasi minyak and nasi goreng are considered as pretty common.


4 responses to “Craving and Cooking”

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb Aiharun…

    Memang benar, memasak memerlukan masa yang lama di dapur. Maka, alternatif bagi yang kurang berminat memasak tentu lebih mudah membeli di luar. Tambah lagi di Semenanjung sana sangat banyak gerai makan yang menyajikan makanan kesukaan kita. Tidak masak pun tidak apa.

    Membuat laksa penang tu senang sahaja. Rasanya pun bukan jauh sangat bezanya kalau kita pernah merasainya. Saya di Sarawak jjuga membuat sendiri dan sangat menyukai rasanya kerana sama seperti laksa penang yang saya makan di Kampung Kerinci, Kuala Lumpur dahulu atau semasa di Kedah.

    Memang benar, ada rasa bimbang kalau tak sama rasa. tapi cuba dululah. Nanti saya kongsikan resepi Laksa Penang saya di blog suatu hari nanti.

    Salam manis dari Sarikei, Sarawak. 🙂

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  2. The food presentation is delicious looking! Thanks so much for sharing the dishes with us. . .Enjoy! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your appreciation. 😊


      1. You are very welcome! 😊 🌈

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