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Nasi Dagang

I cooked Nasi Dagang for dinner today. Nasi dagang is a special rice which originated from the East Coast of Malay Peninsula. There are some variations in the preparation of this rice between the State of Terengganu And the State of Kelantan. 

I tasted this rice for the first time when I was 18 when I went to study in Kuantan, Pahang also a state on the East Coast. It is not easy to find this rice on the West Coast of Malay Peninsula, where I came from, that’s why I had never tasted  it before that.

To prepare nasi dagang, the rice is usually steamed but I found a blog which gives the simpler version of cooking it, just by using a rice cooker. This rice is usually eaten with fish curry but I had it with chicken curry instead.

The rice is a bit glutinous and cooked with coconut milk. Sliced ginger, fenugreek seeds and screw-pine leaves are added to give it a special aroma.

Maybe the taste is not as authentic but I’m happy to at least relieve some craving. 😍

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