Ramadan Journal and 50th Year Chronicle

My Ramadan 1438 Journal
My 50th Year Chronicle

When did I start writing in a journal again? Well, just less than a week ago, actually. I started making a journal to prepare for Ramadan 2 weeks ago, (Ramadan will start this coming Saturday) however I then realized the content would be somewhat limited to Ramadan and my preparation towards it. In other words, it is a religious journal.

Suddenly the urge to have a real notebook to write anything under the sun again, came back. I feel it’s crucial to document the 50th year of my life, but doing it on the phone or computer would somehow limit the contents and the accessibility.

So I went to the small Tokyu Hands store in Jiyugaoka looking for a suitable notebook. There were all kinds of notebooks, planners and diaries in plain colours, pastel, leather bound, pvc and whatnots.

I had only found out recently that some people are so obsessed with brands. The newly released Traveler’s Notebook Tokyo Station leather cover went out of stock just after its launch even though it costs 4,000 yen. People had to queue and take numbers to enter the shop.

Some notebooks in Tokyu Hands were rather pretty  but then the price did not really appeal to me. So, I went to a 100 yen shop near Toritsu Daigaku station. It’s called Casa.

There, I found a very plain brown-covered notebook just the right size to carry around in my handbag and I hope thick enough to last until my 50th birthday. Its plainness made it more attractive because that meant I would be able to personalize it and nobody else in the world would have a similar one.

I don’t really hate brands but I have never been keen on following other people’s fashion, trends or brands. I love being the unique me. Yeah, I’m vain in my own special way. 😄 So, I customised the notebook using washi tapes. I had already have a collection of  washi tapes and stickers which I also bought from 100 yen shops.

As for the content, I don’t really write everything under the sun. I censor my own thoughts. I realized being truthful might hurt some people around me.

When I’m gone, or even when I’m still around, if people read this journal, I don’t want them to feel bad about themselves.

Whatever negative feelings I have about other people, I hope will be gone soon. I want to forgive people every moment of my life because I don’t know when my time will end. I wish other people will do the same for me.

The most important thing is, I want God’s mercy and forgiveness. If I don’t forgive other people, how could I expect forgiveness from Allah?


8 responses to “Ramadan Journal and 50th Year Chronicle”

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, Aiharun…

    Beningkan hati dengan zikir
    cerahkan jiwa dengan cinta
    lalui hari dengan senyum
    tetapkan langkah dengan syukur
    sucikan hati dengan permohonan maaf

    kami sekeluarga mengucapkan selamat idul fitri…
    mohon maaf lahir dan batin.
    semoga kita mendapat berkah dan rahmat Allah selamanya, amin….

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,
    Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

    Salam Syawal dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

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    1. Waalaikumsalam Kak Siti. Maaf lambat respon. Nampaknya Ramadan akan datang, kurang daripada 100 hari lagi insya-Allah.


  2. That’s a very nice idea, using all those pretty tapes.

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    1. Sharifah, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry for not responding earlier. After going analog, I’ve been spending too much time on instagram. 😂


  3. This is a really special way you explained how you chose your journal and why you censored yourself. Peace be with you. 🕊 Forgiving others is a wonderful way to make life’s journey better. 💕 Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I have less than 2 months to write in that chronicle. Our plan had suddenly changed drastically after we found out in September we had to move back to Malaysia. So with the packing (and now unpacking), I haven’t written as much as I would like to. We moved back to Malaysia at the end of December. After getting kids into their new schools, I need to continue unpacking and decluttering (too much junk in our house, need to get rid of it). Looks like, I won’t celebrate my 50th birthday in Japan. 😊


      1. I hope all goes smoothly and keep up the good spirits, Ai. Everyone seems to accumulate clutter. Don’t stress too much. Best wishes for your new home and move! 💞

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  4. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, sis Ai harun…

    Didoakan sihat sekeluarga di sana. Maaf kerana lama tidak berkunjung kemari. Tiada bicara yang dapat saya titipkan dalam kesyahduan hati bagi meraikan kemeriahan hari raya 2018 ini melainkan saya dan keluarga ingin menghulur salam kemaafan di Aidil Fitri yang mulia dengan ucapan….

    Gemersik takbir mengundang hiba,
    Salam diutus tanda ingatan,
    Syawal dinanti menjelang tiba,
    Tangan dihulur pohon kemaafan.


    (* jom menulis lagi…. pasti banyak cerita yang boleh dikongsikan).

    Salam Ramadan al-Mubarak dari Sarikei, Sarawak. 🙂


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