My Garden in November

I figured if I really want to blog, I should post the pictures I took, here rather than just sharing them on Instagram or Facebook.

Last autumn the only flowers I had in my garden were some yellow flowers that look like daisy which attracted the yellow butterflies. However, this year, on top of the yellow flowers, the roses are also blooming. They are not that spectacular but they give me enough pleasure when looking out the window of the tatami room. I feel so blessed that even in mid-autumn, I can still have flowers in a garden of my own. Alhamdulillah.

In the garden, there is also a plant with green reddish fruits. I don’t know its name. It must be some kind of inedible berry. This is how it looks.

This side of the garden is one long stretch from my bedroom, the living room and the tatami room. This is the garden view from the tatami room window.

Here is the view of the garden outside of my bedroom. The plant with the red leaves is a flowering dogwood. In summer/early autumn, it produces red fruits which attract many birds. It is lovely to listen to the birds singing. What irks me is the souvenir they left behind on the balcony next to my son, Ar’s room.     That gives me extra work to keep the balcony clean, but I guess that’s life. We shouldn’t really expect to have nice things without making any efforts. 

When we first came to view the house, we asked the agent for the name of the plant. He said he didn’t know. Because of the red fruits, I had mistakenly thought it was a Japanese barberry. But then, in spring when the flower appeared, I managed to find its correct name. The flowers are in white colour. I had seen other variety in pink and yellow.

This is how the flowers look like. This photo was taken from our balcony upstairs last April.


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  1. beautiful garden. thanks for sharing ❤

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  2. Thank you for your comment. 😊

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