6 months in Japan (written in January 2016)

Today is 4th of November 2016. I’d just discovered a post from January 2016 which was unpublished because I typed it on my phone but when I tried to publish it, it was unsuccessful. It turned out that I didn’t turn on the data plan. I thought I’d lost it. I didn’t realise it is still here. So, I’m publishing it now.

It’s already the 27th of January, 2016. The first month of this year is almost gone. We arrived in Tokyo on the 26th of July and moved to our present house on the 25th of August. That means, it’s been half a year. If I’m working with a boss to answer to, she’d be asking for my 6 months review to see if I have accomplished whatever goals I set at the beginning.

Right now, I’m sitting on a magenta chair facing the counter number 4 for Notification of Birth/Death/Marriage etc. at Meguro Ward Office in Nakameguro. No, I do not have any birth, death or marriage to register. I come to this office to learn Japanese Conversation organised by MIFA (Meguro International Friendship Association) http://www.mifa.jp/. The class only starts at 10. So I have about 45 minutes to spare before the class.

I arrived here too early because I took the train immediately after walking Mel to her school. Mel’s school is just 1-minute walk from the train station. This is my fourth week coming here. I started this class on the 6th of January. For the previous sessions, I usually arrived here on the dots. That’s because I walked home to have my breakfast after taking Mel to school. I spent extra 20 minutes walking (to go home and then walk to the station again) and a few minutes to have my coffee and light breakfast. The train journey took 5 minutes and the walk from Nakameguro Station to this place is about 10 minutes.

Thus, for today I decided to be early. The best waiting place is definitely in this Meguro Ward Office because it’s warm. Waiting at the station or at the park would be very cold. Tokyo doesn’t have much snow but it can be quite chilly in the morning. Without gloves, my fingers would be numb. However, wearing gloves makes it difficult to get things out – my phone, key and train pass – of the handbag. A few weeks ago, just after my Japanese class, I passed by a hat shop. I found the type of gloves which would be convenient to use. They’re mittens, actually. They come with a separate top part which can be opened, folded and secured with a button.

I love the furry texture of these gloves. During our walk to Mel’s  school in the cold mornings, it would be so comfortable to rub my gloved hand over my red nose.


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