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Translation course and a new laptop

I registered for a translation course a few days ago. The course will be held for 10 days beginning April  6th. I was told that it’s advisable to bring our laptop during the course. Since the parts which connect the cover of my old laptop are broken, it would be hard to carry it around. At home, I lean the screen against the wall. So I went and got myself a new one.  Yay. Alhamdulillah.

I was told to study Kamus Dewan  and Tatabahasa Dewan in preparation for the course. I’m rather excited about the whole thing. I have Kamus Dewan 4th Edition at home,but will need to buy the Tatabahasa Dewan. I wanted to get a new set of  pencil case and stationeries. However my daughter Fa said she had many spare pencil cases, so she asked me to choose. 

This is what I have.  An elephant patchwork pencil case.


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