Shop before 1st April

it’s the 29th of March today. Come 1st April, GST (goods and services tax) will be imposed. There are basic items which will be exempted but most processed food will go up in price. The same thing applies to household items.

Most people just got their monthly pay a few days ago. This weekend, the number of people shopping for household items could be significantly higher. One is because they have just got their pay and second is to avoid GST. Some people might even be buying in a large quantity and stocking up on non-perishable items.

I did my shopping on Friday afternoon, so the crowd was ok. I did notice that many producers have started to reduce their size of packaging. From 1 liter, the content is reduced to 900 ml, or from 500 g to 400 g. It’a a trick many people would miss. If they simply raise the price, it would be obvious but if tbey reduce the content, not many people would notice the subtle change and read the tiny labels on the packaging. 

Anyway, what do you think I stock up on?  


Only the dishwashing liquid. I bought these because I thought the price was good. As for the rest of the shopping list, I simply bought in the same quantity I usually did in the past.

When it comes to detergent, dishwashing liquid and fabric softener, I change brands depending on what give value for money rather than being loyal to only one brand.


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