Thief in the blogosphere

I blog not for commercial reasons. I’m just here to express my thoughts and feelings. I tend to write about my personal experience.

However, since WordPress has come up with this prompt idea, it seems fun to respond to it and then read also other bloggers’ response. Some of those response appear as if they had been generated by machine though.

I decided to try getting a ChatGPT response to one of those prompts, and then shared it here on the blog.

Funny enough, this morning when I checked on one of my new followers’ blog, I saw my post titled ‘ChatGPT Cold Weather #2” being posted there under the title ‘Embracing The Cill [sic]’.

I mean, what’s the point? Why would someone want to copy my ChatGPT-generated response? Are they human or bots? Are they scammers who read personal blogs to steal personal information?

I’d read another blog before about people stealing their content, but I just did not expect this to happen to me 😓

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