Do you have any collections?

I used to collect stamps when I was younger. I had a penpal from Greece then. When I lived in the UK, I even subscribed to the Philatelic Society and received first day covers of new stamps. I’ve given some of these stamps to my daughter who lives in Edinburgh to use when sending postcards. I had even used them on a postcard to myself from the UK.

My eldest and second children are avid readers (they are hyperlexic and started reading around 2-3 years old) and we spent a lot on children’s books. I have given away so many of these books now that they have grown-up. My youngest daughter is not much of a reader. She likes drawing more.

I collect stationery too – pens, pencils, notebooks, journals, washi tapes and stickers. Most of these are cheap or I got for free. I try to use most of them so that it won’t be considered a waste.

I love flowers and from time to time would buy potted plants. I do not really buy cut flowers because they do not last long. This month, I spent a considerable amount as a reward for myself. I bought some gerbera, astra, peace lily and pentas on Mother’s Day. Then I ordered a few rose plants to celebrate my retirement. They are still waiting for delivery.

Peace lily

I keep some old clothes which I think could be used for sewing and recycling projects. However, my eyesights are not so good anymore, so I will just donate those that could still be worn by other people.

The most important thing to collect now is rewards from Allah on my good deeds. I must remember to be kind to other people on top of daily prayers.


8 responses to “Collections”

  1. I used to collect pressed pennies! Until I stopped going places 😁

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    1. Do you still keep them?

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      1. Yes. I press the pennies myself. They cost £1 per penny. I choose the design I like ☺️

        I’ve recently started on fridge magnets 😁

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      2. I have a lot of fridge magnets received as souvenirs from relatives/friends who travel

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      3. That’s great! I prefer it if it I were the one buying it so I know I’ve been there. Oh, keyrings as well, I collect those

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      4. Yes, I agree that buying them yourself would be more meaningful

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    1. Thank you for your comment

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