Cold Weather

How do you feel about cold weather?

First of all, I think how people define cold is relative. I spent the first 21 years of my life in a tropical country, Malaysia. The daily average temperature is about 30 degree Celcius. Of course, we would prefer it to be cooler.

We experience cold on a rainy morning of maybe 22 degree Celcius, or when we go to the highlands with temperature slightly below 20 degree Celcius. We would also consider an air-conditioned place (mall, bus or train) cold. Under all these conditions, we could still survive wearing just one layer of clothing. Even if we need a jacket, it would be just a light one.

Then, I moved away to study in England. I arrived in mid September when autumn had just started. It got colder gradually and then in November 1989, I saw my first snowfall. It was a magical feeling, simply beautiful. At that time, I was staying at the university students accommodation where the rental was inclusive of heating. Thus, I did not have to worry about having cold rooms or running out of hot water.

Spring brought warmer weather and flowers. Late spring or early summer weather is the most ideal to me. Not too cold but not too hot either.

In Japan, the summer is very hot too, even hotter then Malaysia. Over there, I like the early autumn weather when you are not sweating but still can wear just one layer of clothing.

So, back to the question. No, I do not really like cold weather but I prefer it not to be too hot either. Ideally, I like cool weather.


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