Favourite fruits

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

1. Bananas – easily available throughout the year in this tropical country. Eaten raw and also used in cooking. I still buy bananas during our time abroad because my family loves it.

2. Mangoes – when I was little, it used to be seasonal but nowadays it’s available all year round. There are more varieties too, now. I consider this as a luxury while living abroad.

3. Rambutan – only available seasonally. During other times, might be available in cans. I find longan to somewhat have similar taste to rambutan.

4. Grapes – imported fruits. Used to be a luxury when I was little – people bring grapes when visiting the sick. Grapes are also used as wedding gifts decoration.

When I first arrived in England in 1989, I was delighted to buy them a pound (weight) only for 99p. After class, I would buy them at the bus station, munch on them while waiting for the bus and also while riding the bus. That was also the first time I discovered the seedless variety.

5. Cherries – I ate them for the first time when living in England and really loved them. They are seasonal fruits. They could be available in Malaysia nowadays but they are too expensive and taste not so sweet. My family doesn’t like it, so I hardly eat it anymore.

Most Malaysians love durians but they won’t be number 1 on my list. I love fruits and it is hard to pick only 5 out of all my favourites.


3 responses to “Favourite fruits”

  1. Nice list! I’ve never had rambutans. I’ve heard of them but I don’t think we grow them in Jamaica. I’ve had longans and lycheed though

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Rochelle. I hope you’ll get to taste them someday when you travel to South East Asia. I won’t recommend buying the imported ones from Chinatown, because the taste won’t be the same 😊

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