My February in Japan

February is the shortest month of the year and the second coldest month in Japan.  It is also the month that I’ve spent the most in Japan.

  1. 2004 I visited Japan for the first time under the “Friendship Programme for the 21st Century” organised by JICA. I was here for 3 weeks and stayed in a few places; Osaka JICA Centre, Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Fuji and a homestay in Aichi.
  2. 2006 My family lived in the Snow Country, Urasa, Niigata then where my husband was studying in IUJ. That year, we had the most snow ever.
  3. 2007 It was our second winter in Urasa but the snow was much lighter than the previous year. We then left Japan in June 2007.
  4. 2008 We stayed for about a month in  Azabu area, Tokyo. It was a plan that didn’t turn out the way we expected. Let’s just say, Allah had a greater plan for us.
  5. 2016 We were back in Japan. My husband had been posted here.
  6. 2017 We were still in Tokyo. Insya-Allah we will still be here in February 2018 too.

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