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A few days ago, I saw this word of the day on my dictionary app. I feel the word really describes me. I really love flowers. I enjoy strolling in a park full of blooms, walking around the neighbourhood looking at the flowers other people have in their gardens or simply just appreciating wild flowers such as dandelions.

Anyway, my husband went back to Malaysia last week and he took the pictures of our neglected little garden.

Unfortunately, the waterlily has no flowers now because it has not been fertilised for a long time.

However, I’m so happy to see the frangipanis. Masya-Allah, Subhanallah, I wish I could smell their fragrance too.

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Spring is finally here.

It’s officially spring now.

I have this white starflower (ipheon)  in my garden.

I also had sakura tea to celebrate the beginning of spring.

It was quite warm and sunny with the temperature reaching 17°C, but Tuesday will be colder and rainy. 

The kids are having their spring break now. My husband is away enjoying himself in sunny and hot Malaysia with all the yummy food. We hope to enjoy sakura this weekend. 😍Insya-Allah.

If you do not live in a four-season country and would like to find the meaning of equinox, you may check this link.

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Keputusan SPM Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

This post is in Malay.

31 tahun lepas (I’m revealing my age here 😜) semasa keputusan SPM keluar, tengah buat kursus bahasa Inggeris di Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan. Tinggal di asrama rumah kedai beramai-ramai. MARA dah hantar kami berkursus sebelum keputusan SPM diumumkan.

Sekolah jauh nun di Seremban. Emak ayah pula di Perak dan tiada telefon juga di rumah. Nak tau keputusan, kena telefon sekolah, tapi talian telefon sekolah pun sibuk haritu. 

Kalau guna telefon awam, jenuhla nak cari duit syiling, entah berapa jam nak beratur, silap-silap nanti duit dah masuk, tapi operator (telefonis) kata duit belum masuk, hangus gitu je duit. 

Alhamdulillah, kami dapat menumpang guna telefon di rumah seorang makcik yang baik hati di Bukit Sekilau tu. Jadi bergilir-gilirlah masing-masing menelefon ke sekolah. Ada yang sekolah mereka di Kulim, ada pula yang di Kota Bharu.

Bila dapat keputusan tu, paling tak percaya bila kerani di sekolah bagi tau keputusan kertas BM, sungguh tak sangka boleh dapat A1. Selama ni, selalu mampu A2 sahaja.  Kimia pun agak mengejutkan. Selalunya dapat kepujian je, ni Alhamdulillah boleh dapat A2. 

Yang lain-lain tu – Prinsip Akaun, Pendidikan Islam, BI, Matematik Modern, Matemaik Tambahan, Fizik semuanya lebih kurang seperti yang dijangkakan. Geografi pun Alhamdulillah, selalunya setakat lulus sipi, tapi dapat C3.

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih buat guru-guru yang telah mendidik kami seikhlas hati dan sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan kami. Jasa dan budi cikgu-cikgu semua memang takkan mampu kami balas. Moga Allah sentiasa merahmati cikgu-cikgu dan keluarga semua. Amin.

Buat anak-anak yang akan mendapat keputusan SPM hari ini, moga mendapat keputusan yang terbaik. SPM bukanlah segalanya. Terimalah keputusan dengan reda dan syukur. Ucapkan penghargaan buat semua yang telah membantu. Ingatlah, perjalanan hidup anak-anak masih panjang, insya-Allah.

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Still Too Cold 

The daffodils in my garden have bloomed.

It seemed sunny outside so I thought of enjoying my lunch in the garden.

However, it turned out to be still too cold. I had to bring the food inside and just ate in the living room because the dining table is too far from the window. 

I have started to open one layer of the kitchen window and just leave the transparent glass so that I can see the sky while doing the dishes. My neighbour’s plum blossoms are gone. I can see some yellow mimosa (acacia) now and soon, their sakura will bloom. I will be able to enjoy the sakura through my kitchen window. 😍🌸

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Sunday Morning Delivery

Spring equinox is approaching and each day sunrise is getting earlier and earlier. Japan doesn’t have Day Light Saving clock adjustment, so this will go on continuously until we reach summer solstice.

For those Muslims living in the tropical countries, prayer times do not vary much throughout the year. The most is probably 30 minutes difference.

However in the four-season countries, we have to keep track of the daily changes because our daily five prayer times are set according to the movement of the sun.

That is today’s prayer times. Shuruq means sunrise. Muslims Subuh or Fajr prayer must be performed before sunrise.  So we should set our alarm clock early enough to allow us ample time to wash up before the prayer.

There are two types of washing up, wudu (ablution) or ghusl (full body washing). 

Thus depending on the type of washing required, the alarm clock is set accordingly.  ðŸ˜Š

This morning, I had to wait for the delivery of halal food that I’d ordered online from Baticrom. I had once missed the delivery guy because I went back to sleep after Fajr prayer. So, this morning,  I reset the alarm clock for 8:30, though I was anxious I might miss it that I didn’t go back to sleep at all.

The delivery 📦 guy from Kuroneko arrived around 9 am, carrying 2 boxes with him.

That’s the genkan, the entrance of a Japanese house where we leave our outdoor shoes.

Those are the contents of the boxes. The dry box contains rice and the wet one contains frozen halal chicken, beef and paratha.

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My February in Japan

February is the shortest month of the year and the second coldest month in Japan.  It is also the month that I’ve spent the most in Japan.

  1. 2004 I visited Japan for the first time under the “Friendship Programme for the 21st Century” organised by JICA. I was here for 3 weeks and stayed in a few places; Osaka JICA Centre, Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Fuji and a homestay in Aichi.
  2. 2006 My family lived in the Snow Country, Urasa, Niigata then where my husband was studying in IUJ. That year, we had the most snow ever.
  3. 2007 It was our second winter in Urasa but the snow was much lighter than the previous year. We then left Japan in June 2007.
  4. 2008 We stayed for about a month in  Azabu area, Tokyo. It was a plan that didn’t turn out the way we expected. Let’s just say, Allah had a greater plan for us.
  5. 2016 We were back in Japan. My husband had been posted here.
  6. 2017 We were still in Tokyo. Insya-Allah we will still be here in February 2018 too.
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First Week of March 2017

Yesterday morning started very cold. It was only 6°C and the weather forecast showed the highest temperature for the day would be only 8°C. I had to wear gloves even though a few days earlier, I thought I could already put them away till next winter. 

 Around 12, when I finished my Nihongo class, the temperature seemed to be much warmer than expected. It had gone up to 11-12°C. I decided to take the bus home instead of the train. I was hoping to catch the no. 7 so that I didn’t have to walk far to go home.

Unfortunately I was delayed because I stopped at a fruit stall to buy some tangerines that looked shiny and irresistible. I ended up on the no. 98 instead. There were not many people on the bus. 

I was busy looking at my phone. An Indonesian friend had just invited me to join their group using LINE. My data for LINE was turned off, so I needed to change the setting. When I looked up, the bus had already reached Nakane-cho stop. 

Nobody got off there or earlier at Toritsu Daigaku ekimae, that’s why I had missed my stop. Someone had already pressed the bell to get off at the next stop, Yakumo Sanchome. So I too got off there. Since I was already there, I thought I would checkout the Uniqlo there along Meguro Dori. I crossed the bridge, took some photos and walked for a few hundred metres, but the Uniqlo was no longer there. 🙁I saw some men doing renovation work. 

I walked further till I crossed the Setagaya Ward sign and arrived at Fukasawa. I found a Seiyu Store. I never knew there was one around my area. There used to be another Department Store along Meguro Dori in Himonya, a 7-storey Daie but the building had been under renovation for a year. 

I entered and ended up buying a pink deep frying pan. It would be suitable to fry fish keropok. I almost bought a small sakura plant at its garden centre, but on a second thought I felt it wouldn’t be necessary to have it. There’ll be so many sakura trees blossoming at the same time in 2-3 weeks time. 

The flowers at the garden centre were really enchanting. Perhaps, when I feel like walking in a garden full of beautiful flowers, I should just come here. Well, we don’t have to own things to enjoy them. 😄

After that, I walked home slowly exploring the pathways and parts of Yakumo that I had never been to. I took the path under sakura trees which is actually connected to the other sakura street from Toritsu Daigaku Station. There were already some signs of sakura. I’m excited.

I found a sign in English describing the pathway as one of 23 designated Historical and Cultural Walk in Tokyo. Wow, I never knew that. I should try to explore this Historical Pathway when the weather is much warmer, but not too hot either. 

I envy those people who live in the house facing the sakura trees. In a few weeks’ time, they will be enjoying magnificent sakura right in front of their doorsteps. 

At home, these are the flowers that are currently blooming. Unfortunately, I don’t know their name.

There are also some daffodils still in progress. I do not recall having daffodils last spring. I wonder how they suddenly appeared. Did they take a rest last year? Is that possible?

I have also finally found the name of the bird that often come playing and eating on the flowering dogwood tree. It’s brown-eared bulbul.