My Quran

This is one of my Quran copies. Besides the phone apps, I have several copies around the house so that I can read them anytime I’m free. This one comes with Malay translation and is published under Karya Bestari. 

It is my favourite copy. It is of medium size, not too big and not too small either, thus not too bulky and heavy to carry around. It comes with translation which means I can even carry it without wuduk (ablution). I also love it because the size and the spacing of the font is just right for my reading. The font is the most similar to the Quran printed in Madinah.

The writing is also colour-coded to give tajweed guides. The keys for the colours are printed on this bookmark.

I bought this Quran about 2 years ago together with many other copies. They were farewell gifts for my colleagues in the Accounting Department just before I started my unpaid leave.

Last year, I made a cover for the Quran from a 100 yen felt fabric. I hand-stitched this cover. The flowers were supposed to be sakura but it was my first attempt and since I wasn’t very good at cutting the fabric, that’s how they turned out. Nevertheless, I’m rather proud of my achievement. 😄

On top of using the bookmarks which came with the Quran, I have an extra marker. This orange chopstick is used as a pointer as well as a bookmark. When I stop on an odd number page, I will leave the chopstick with the sharp end pointing upwards, otherwise when I stop on an even number page, I will put the chopstick upside down as shown in this photo.

I had used many other ways of marking too such as writing the date at the place where I stopped. However, that could be confusing if you use the same Quran for many years. I remember being impressed when seeing the Quran of a former student. It was full of sticky notes. That shows she reads it a lot and has written a lot of notes.

Nowadays, beside the physical bookmarks, I also mark the reading on the Quran app. That way, it is easier to refer to when I’m using a different Quran.

These are the 2 Quran apps I’m using now. Besides using them for reading, I use them to listen to the recitations and also to ascertain how to read certain parts  that I’m not sure off.

Despite having all these references, I’m still not good enough in my reading. Some people finish reading the whole Quran once a month, some people finish it several time during Ramadan. For me, I’m grateful enough to complete the reading (both Arabic and the translation) once a year. Ramadan is the time when I accelerate and try to khatam (finish) it.

I hope to increase my memorisation but have not set any target yet. Is 12 short surah (chapters) good enough? May Allah give me the strength and persistence to do this. Aamiin.


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  1. Mash a Allah. …. I hope Allah give all of us hidayat. .

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