Inokashira Park in Autumn

On the 8th of December last year, I was invited by a group of Indonesian friends to join their  Tadabbur Alam (Nature Appreciation) session at Inokashira Park. 

I took the train to go there (changed to Inokashira Line at Shibuya) but the Indonesians drove their own transports. I  reached the park around 10 and wandered about for an hour. It is a huge park with so many entrance gates and car parks. We can access the park either from the Inokashirakoen Station or Kichioji Station. However, the express trains do not stop at Inokashirakoen Station.

The park seems not too far from the place where I went to take the driving tests and is close to Ghibli Studio (which my family hasn’t had the time to visit yet). There’s also a zoo inside the park. I took a lot of photos and the phone had already run out of battery but fortunately I had the power bank with me.

I had almost given up of meeting with the Indonesian group. They didn’t answer any messages that I sent but just before I left, they finally sent me the location for the meeting point. So I walked quickly to the meeting point which was on the other side of the lake. We had a great time, learning  the tafseer (interpretation) of a surah from Quran and a delicious picnic lunch.

It was already late autumn then but we could still see some beautiful colours. So here are some of the photos.


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  1. Wow, the leaves look so beautiful! Glad you got to see that.

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