Yoshiya at Shinjuku Station

Last Saturday, my family went out just to have meals. My son, Ar wanted to eat kebab, so we went to Roppongi and ate at Kader Kebab.

After eating, we thought of exploring Shinjuku Station. We rarely go to this station even though back in the summer 2006, when my husband was doing his internship at a company in Roppongi and staying at a studio apartment far away in Kumegawa, we had to pass through Shinjuku Station to come to the city centre.

I think, even if I go to Shinjuku every day for one month to explore the station, I could still get confused of the exits, entrances and the train lines at this station. Remember when I went for my driving tests at Fuchu Driver’s Licence Center? I had to take the connecting train from Shinjuku. I went there for four times, the first time with my husband but he passed the test on the first attempt, so the other three times, I went alone. I only passed the test on my fourth attempt but on the way back, I got confused at Shinjuku Station. I usually just walked from Shinjuku JR Station to Shinjuku San-chome Station. However, that time I was confused so I had to take the Marunochi Line train to Shinjuku San-chome.

Anyway, on Saturday, I just managed to walk inside Odakyu. When it was time for dinner, we were not sure where to eat, but then we saw a restaurant that had a halal sign there. The name of the restaurant is Yoshiya.

Here are some photos from the restaurant.


7 responses to “Yoshiya at Shinjuku Station”

    1. Yeah, not bad. It’s hard to find food that suit our Muslim dietary requirements. Most of the time, we just go to Tenya.

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      1. Tenya? I’ve never heard of that place before. Is it good?

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      2. Tenya serves tendon and soba at very affordable price. We go there because they don’t use alcohol or meat in their cooking. You can find the branches in many places. It’s not a high-class or fine dining restaurant, so maybe you have never heard of it. 😊

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      3. Oh, we eat more at cheap places that nice ones ourselves. So this is good to know. Thank you ^^

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      4. The one that I usually go is in Gakugei-Daigaku because it’s the nearest to my house. You can find it near Meguro Station, Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, Harajuku and Shibuya too. I’m listing only the places that I’d been to, but I’m sure there are many more.

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