Welcoming December

Alright, I knew it, you don’t have to tell me. Not only I failed at Nanowrimo but I also failed at rebelling. Ha ha.

I’ve identified my main problem. It’s my accounting and bookkeeping training that was preventing me from just blogging on the go, sneaking in some entries wherever and whenever I could. I kept on thinking of doing the entries chronologically and because many of those entries were supposed to be long, I ended up not blogging at all. I will have to change the way I blog if I want to have regular updates.

Another reason was because we had travelled a lot throughout November since my eldest daughter, Fa was here in Tokyo spending her semester break with us. I didn’t carry the laptop with me and when out of the house, I wanted to conserve the battery on my phone, so I couldn’t use it to update the blog. Taking photos was already enough to drain the battery out.

Anyway, today is Fa’s last day in Tokyo, after being here for 5 weeks. She’s going back to Malaysia tonight because her new semester will begin next Monday. People who celebrate Christmas might find it strange that her college semester begins in December, the time when most people have a long holiday to spend with family. I have had to explain several times that we don’t celebrate Christmas when people ask about my winter plan. No, there is no plan to go back home for Christmas. We went back to Malaysia to celebrate Eid back in June/July.

Christmas is not a big celebration in Malaysia, however December is actually the time when schools have long holiday.  We have had our family time in November. We spent two nights in Kumogawa, Chiba (one night at a ryokan with a private onsen and another night at a typical hotel) during my husband’s company trip,and then last week during the Thanksgiving holiday we stayed at the cheapest Disney hotel available (Disney Celebration Hotel) for 3 nights. We were at Disneysea on the snowy day 24th of November (Tokyo had not have November snow for 54 years!) and Disneyland on the following day.

Actually I have a translation job to complete. It’s due tomorrow but I’m procrastinating by updating this blog. It’s the format of the source document that is putting me off. If it’s just a straightforward word document, it would have been so much easier. I asked but haven’t got the response if I could just type the translation in Microsoft Word, instead of inserting it in the original complicated format.

It’s been a long time since I started considering of getting a paid domain for my blog. But what’s the point of having a paid blog if I wasn’t going to update it regularly. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to update the blog regularly and if I could update at least once a week throughout 2016, maybe by 2017 I could buy the domain. However, I’d failed miserably at it. So I guess I have to postpone the idea. Let’s give it another deadline until my next birthday. That means I have another four months to prove it to myself. On the other hand, it could be a chicken and egg thing. Perhaps, if I’d paid for the domain, I’d be more motivated to update regularly just to make sure it gives a good Return on Investment (ROI). Whatever it is, that will be up to me to challenge myself.

Mel and Ar have two more weeks of school before their winter break. So do I. Yes, I do go to school. I attend Japanese classes twice a week at Meguro School Support Centre. I’m in the B class now, and we have covered up to Chapter 19 of the Minna no Nihongo book 1.


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