Help others whenever you can

2 days ago, just a few minutes before midnight, in the spirit of new year,  I made an offer to my friends on Facebook. I offered to edit or proofread their CV, resume or personal statements. I gave them a week to do so.

A few of my former students responded and would like me to check their CVs. A friend requested that I proofread a chapter of a book in Malay and another friend asked me to check the manual of his business website. 

I’m glad that I’m able to help other people even without using any money.


2 responses to “Help others whenever you can”

  1. […] someone English. We should help others whenever we can, especially for free. If your native language is English, you possess a precious pearl. You don’t […]

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  2. Thank you for your comment. I’ve just signed up for a Japanese class. I’ll be learning from volunteers.;)


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