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Help others whenever you can

2 days ago, just a few minutes before midnight, in the spirit of new year,  I made an offer to my friends on Facebook. I offered to edit or proofread their CV, resume or personal statements. I gave them a week to do so.

A few of my former students responded and would like me to check their CVs. A friend requested that I proofread a chapter of a book in Malay and another friend asked me to check the manual of his business website. 

I’m glad that I’m able to help other people even without using any money.

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year everyone. It’s been so long since my last post. In my last post, I wrote half-way about going to Haneda Airport to go back to Malaysia.

Now, I’m on the train to go to Yokohama and then take the Keikyu Line to Haneda Airport, not because I’m going back to Malaysia but to see my eldest daughter Fa off. She was here for 9 days for her Christmas/New Year break. Actually, this was the second time she came to Tokyo for her holiday. The first time was from October to November. She spent 5 weeks here. We went to Kyoto and Osaka together.

Then, her certificate of eligibility was not yet ready. So she had to come as a visitor. Her grandparents accompanied her to Tokyo but they went back to Malaysia earlier. So in November she took the plane alone for the first time; from Narita Airport to KLIA.

The second time, she came alone through KLIA2 to Haneda. She finally got her multiple entries visa and residence card. We went to Urasa last week to see the place we used to live in and also to play snow. It was Mel’s first experience of building a snowman.