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25 Days without my Mum

It’s already November. I didn’t update this blog as planned last month. I didn’t feel like doing so after my Mum’s passing. There were too many thoughts to be put down  in writing but I thought it would be more beneficial to use the time to recite Quran for her instead. 

My last update was about my late Mum about to have an operation. Even though the doctor had mentioned that the operation was quite high-risked, my siblings and I were having a positive feeling about it. We’d heard about other people’s successful operations. We were hoping that the operation could help to lessen Mum’s pain.

After the operation on Monday 5th of October, Mum was not fully conscious and was placed in the ICU but somehow my sisters said when it was prayer time, Mum still indicated that she wanted to salat and they helped to perform ablution for her. 

On Tuesday, I was rather happy about it that I could even go out shopping for my autumn/winter coat at Mode Off (a second-hand clothes shop) in Ueno.

However on Wednesday around 4 pm, one of my sisters sent a whatsapp message saying that Mum’s doctor suddenly said she was in a critical situation. Her heart was getting weaker and he said to call any family  members who were around to see Mum.

My husband was having an important meeting at that time but I sent a message to my family whatsapp to ask his opinion whether I should go back to Malaysia. I would bring Mel with me. At that time, my son Ar wasn’t home. He had gone on a 3-day school trip to Nagano and would only come back on Friday evening.

I didn’t say anything to my sister yet because I wasn’t sure if I would get a ticket to fly back to Malaysia. I went online to search for available flight. Malaysia Airlines flight was only available at 10:30 am the following day. I almost bought the ticket but had a second thought to check out Air Asia flight. Alhamdulillah, there were 5 more seats available for the 11:30 pm flight later that night. The flight would be from Haneda Airport which was closer to my house compared to Narita Airport. By then my husband Li had already given his okay for me and Mel to fly home. 

I bought the ticket and paid extra for the premium so that we could bring 20 kg luggage each, order meals in advance and pre-book our seats.

I packed in a hurry, managed to pray Maghrib and Isyak before leaving for the airport. Li had already returned from work, so he accompanied us on the train to the airport.