We’ve moved to Japan

I mentioned about moving some time ago. Now, my family (except for my eldest who’s at a university in Melaka) has moved to Tokyo. We took the 11.30 pm flight on Saturday and touched down at Narita Airport around 7.45 am on Sunday the 26th of July.

Since then, we had been to Roppongi by train and then walked back to our temporary apartment. We decided to walk because we thought it was near and less than one km, but actually it turned out to be more than 2.5 km walk in the summer heat. The kids were exhausted.

Then on Tuesday we went for two school visits. In the morning we took a taxi to Shibuya because the appointment was at 9 and we didn’t want to be late. The school was located inside a university. It was a women’s university. Even though originally both my kids were on the waiting list, at the meeting the admission officer said there is a space available for my son Ar but Mel is still on the waiting list. However, the school is still waiting for the confidential report from my kids’ former school. The meeting and the tour ended after one hour. We came back to have lunch and perform Zohor prayer.

Then around 12.30 in afternoon we took a long train ride to Funabori to visit another international school. We had to change train twice, from Ginza line to Hanzomon and then to Shinjuku line.When we arrived at Funabori station, it took us another 10 minutes’ walk to the school. We met with the principal/head teacher of the elementary and secondary schools.Ā  We got a lot of information, but still need to think about the school due to the distance. We arrived back at the apartment around 4 pm.

Then, I went to get a sim card for my phone so that I could have data access. In the apartment, we have wifi but when we go out, I might need to access the map/GPS on my phone, that’s why I need the data service.

Our apartment is on the 6th floor and we could see a very neat cemetery from our window. Sunrise is at around 4.45 am and sunset around 6.50 pm. Thus we need to get up very early to perform Subuh prayers.

Yesterday and today, my husband went to his office. The kids and I just stayed in because we were flat from our adventures on Monday and Tuesday. I just had to get out to get some food. I’ll talk about food in another entry. It’s not easy to find food that is Muslim friendly. We must be really careful in buying food and drinks.


5 responses to “We’ve moved to Japan”

  1. Welcome to Japan! Yes, Japan certainly isn’t a country that caters well for special dietary requirements. I’m a vegetarian and the amount of time I’ve accidentally eaten meat is unreal. Hope you get settled in soon! I live in Yokohama, so we’re city neighbours šŸ˜€


    1. Thanks Jazz. Yes, food is our major issue here. Even bread which we usually take for granted to be ok seems to contain animal-derived shortening. We are going house-hunting next week. The weather seems to be cooler (more cloudy) over this weekend and I hope it will continue to be so next week. Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday.


  2. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.ab, Aiharun…

    Alhamdulillah, sudah jauh dari tanah air rupannya ya. Bagaimana beraya di sana ? Tentu pengalamannya amat berbeza di Jepun. Sekarang musim hujan di Sarikei. Didoakan Aiharun dan keluarga selamat dalam lindungan Allah dan dapat menyelesaikan perkara yang perlu selama di sana.

    Saya ingin sekali ke Pulau Hokkaido dan Sapporo. Ia tempat turun salji dan pernah teman saya yang tinggal di Sapporo menghantarkan poskad musim salji di sana.

    Salam manis dari Sarikei, Sarawak. šŸ™‚


  3. Silakan Aiharun sudi menerima AWARD BERGAYA SENIDIRI sempena Ulang Tahun Ke-5 Kelahiran Blog LMGS G2 di maya pada. Semoga persahabatan dan silaturahmi ini kekal selamanya. Aamiin.


    Salam bahagia. šŸ™‚

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    1. Terima kasih, Kak.


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