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Mid-Year Exams

It’s that time of the year again. Today is the third day of exam in the primary school and the first day of exams in the secondary school.

It’s not easy to make the kids study. I have to sit next to Mel in order to make her focus. As for Ar, he would sneak a novel when I’m not looking. He loves reading but only his novels not his textbooks.  His novels look so worn out because he keeps on rereading them.

This is how some of Ar’s books look like.

I really pray that the kids will do well in the exams. Exams are not everything but that’s how most people judge others by. When one doesn’t get good grades, one might not get into the  school or uni that he/she wants to. The grades also will determine whether one qualifies to apply for certain scholarships.
Even more important, as Muslims we’ve always been  reminded to never stop seeking knowledge. The efforts we put in are as important as the end results, thus everyone must work hard, whoever and wherever he/she is. In the end we know, as we strive for what we want as humans only Allah will determine the outcomes, because as the Creator, He is the One who knows what’s good for us.