The characters

As my blog progresses, I guess I will mention my family members. So here is the introduction.

Altogether there’ll be 5 of us: my husband, myself and our  3 kids.

  1. Ai – that’s myself. In three years time, I’ll turn 50 InsyaAllah.
  2. Li – my husband.
  3. Fa – my eldest daughter. She’d just completed secondary school. Learning to drive and busy with college application. She wants to pursue a study in graphic design, but as parents we’re suggesting that she starts with a diploma in mass communication since it gives a broader perspective, and then only specialise in design for her further studies.
  4. Ar – my son who has been diagnosed with  ASD. His ASD is very mild actually, so he attends a mainstream school and is also placed in a mainstream class. He is included in the class whatsapp group, but he doesn’t really have any real friends at school. His friends are his sisters and cousins .
  5. Mel – my youngest daughter who’s 10 years younger than her elder sister and 6 years younger than her brother.

All the three kids were born at the end of August. If they go to schools in England where schools start in September, they’d be among the youngest in their classes. However, they don’t and school year in this country is from January to December, so it hasn’t been so bad for them.

My elder two had been to school in other countries before. As for Mel, even though she was conceived in a foreign land and born in another continent far away, she has never been to school in a foreign country. There’s a high chance that we  might be moving overseas by middle of this year, so InsyaAllah Mel too will get to experience what her siblings had before.


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