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It’s my birthday today. I got a very nice painting from my daughter Fa .


The caption behind it reads:

Alhamdulillah, I’ve reached this age. May Allah bless me with growing iman and taqwa, beautiful and God-fearing children, a loving and caring husband who will strive together to reach jannatul firdaus, wonderful family and friends to  cherish. Amin.

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Shop before 1st April

it’s the 29th of March today. Come 1st April, GST (goods and services tax) will be imposed. There are basic items which will be exempted but most processed food will go up in price. The same thing applies to household items.

Most people just got their monthly pay a few days ago. This weekend, the number of people shopping for household items could be significantly higher. One is because they have just got their pay and second is to avoid GST. Some people might even be buying in a large quantity and stocking up on non-perishable items.

I did my shopping on Friday afternoon, so the crowd was ok. I did notice that many producers have started to reduce their size of packaging. From 1 liter, the content is reduced to 900 ml, or from 500 g to 400 g. It’a a trick many people would miss. If they simply raise the price, it would be obvious but if tbey reduce the content, not many people would notice the subtle change and read the tiny labels on the packaging. 

Anyway, what do you think I stock up on?  


Only the dishwashing liquid. I bought these because I thought the price was good. As for the rest of the shopping list, I simply bought in the same quantity I usually did in the past.

When it comes to detergent, dishwashing liquid and fabric softener, I change brands depending on what give value for money rather than being loyal to only one brand.

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Translation course and a new laptop

I registered for a translation course a few days ago. The course will be held for 10 days beginning April  6th. I was told that it’s advisable to bring our laptop during the course. Since the parts which connect the cover of my old laptop are broken, it would be hard to carry it around. At home, I lean the screen against the wall. So I went and got myself a new one.  Yay. Alhamdulillah.

I was told to study Kamus Dewan  and Tatabahasa Dewan in preparation for the course. I’m rather excited about the whole thing. I have Kamus Dewan 4th Edition at home,but will need to buy the Tatabahasa Dewan. I wanted to get a new set of  pencil case and stationeries. However my daughter Fa said she had many spare pencil cases, so she asked me to choose. 

This is what I have.  An elephant patchwork pencil case.


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I have a son diagnosed with ASD. When he was small, we simply thought he was a genius because he could read at the age of 2. He was also very good at spelling. There were little things I noticed like he didn’t know how to zip up his jacket at the age of 4, the way he pulled his teacher’s hand and pointed at me when I arrived at his nursery school to fetch him.

When he started primary school, he didn’t make friends and just sat alone by himself during recess. He didn’t finish copying notes from the board because he wrote too slow. I then discovered the term “Asperger”. We took him to the specialists. The doctors said there was nothing wrong with him. It was just language barrier they said since we had just moved back from abroad.

We gave up on getting him diagnosed until I discovered that he was getting bullied at school. We went to see another doctor who finally diagnosed him to have Autism Spectrum disorders. With the diagnose, we inform his teachers about the bullying. The boys in his class were informed about this. Alhamdulillah the bullying stopped.

It’s been 2 years now. He is in secondary school now and he has no good friends at school, only classmates.

Labels can be positive or negative depending on how we want to take it.


Intro: #HighFunctioningMeans – and its siblings, #LowFunctioningMeans and #FunctioningLabelsMean are trending on Twitter right now. For insight into what neurodiverse people really think of functioning labels, I suggest you check those tags out. I participated in the hashtag, and in my usual verbose way, I realized that I’d completely flood it if I posted all that’s in my brain, but I’m perseverating on it so I decided to turn it into a post. 

Content note: There are some offensive views I’ve written about in a first-person sense for reasons of satire. Content note for ableism and abuse. 

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What happens to your blog if you die

When I started blogging in the year 2002, not many people knew about blogs. Some who knew might find it uncomfortable to write in public and expose themselves to other people. My kids were still small. Ar was just a few months old. His sister Fa was turning 5. I had my blog on Diaryland. I knew a few other bloggers who wrote on Blogger (Blogspot) and Livejournal. Some people referred to blogs as online journal.

I was writing anonymously and knew none of the other bloggers in real life. My husband didn’t know about my blog either. Then, one day, it occurred to me. What if I die? What will happen to my blog? Who would notify my blogger friends? For all they knew, I was just bored, had decided to abandon the blog or had moved to another blogging host. That occurred a lot, actually. So I started listing my emails and passwords and also the password for my blog. I left the list in my wardrobe.

When Fa was small she read a lot of Enid Blyton’s. She loved creating stories and doing the illustration. Her writing style was influenced by Enid Blyton, it was kind of funny seeing a young child using the language like people did in the 50’s. I tried to transcribe what she wrote to a blog. Eventually, I mentioned the blog to my husband Li. I also showed him mine. So there, one problem is solved. If I died, at least Li could go to the comment section of the blog and leave a comment for my blogging friends.

Fast forward, I explored many other hosts such as modblog and efx2. They were not mainstream, but the community was rather small and friendly. I posted my pictures online and I’ve met some of them in real life. By 2007/2008, many of us got on Facebook and blogs were almost forgotten. I tried on and off  setting up a new blog, but somehow I was too busy to write consistently. Then there were Twitter and Instagram.

Then the other day, we saw a tech programme on TV. The host was reviewing a smart phone app Flava, an offline diary. We were commenting about it and then Li mentioned Facebook. He said, “what would happen if we die. The FB account would still be there. Someone who doesn’t know that you have died, might still wish you happy birthday the following year”. I said, ” I think as a family member, you may contact FB admin to request for the FB account to be closed.” Anyway, we have smartphones now. I’m already logged in to FB, so just ask Fa to make the account private. So, I said it to Fa, “if I die, please ask FB to close my account or you may change the setting to private using my smart phone.”

Then, a few days ago, I set up this blog. None of my family members knew about it yet, but I guess with a smartphone, they could just go to the setting and close this account if anything happens to me.


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Since I started this blog through an app on my phone, I couldn’t see the full menu. I had to log on to the computer to set up the theme and categories.

I’m not completely new to blogging but it’s been a very long time since I last blogged, in fact 6 years. I’ve forgotten the basic HTML and RGB code used in setting the colours. I’ll have to learn again slowly. InsyaAllah, very soon I’ll get the hang of it. 

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The characters

As my blog progresses, I guess I will mention my family members. So here is the introduction.

Altogether there’ll be 5 of us: my husband, myself and our  3 kids.

  1. Ai – that’s myself. In three years time, I’ll turn 50 InsyaAllah.
  2. Li – my husband.
  3. Fa – my eldest daughter. She’d just completed secondary school. Learning to drive and busy with college application. She wants to pursue a study in graphic design, but as parents we’re suggesting that she starts with a diploma in mass communication since it gives a broader perspective, and then only specialise in design for her further studies.
  4. Ar – my son who has been diagnosed with  ASD. His ASD is very mild actually, so he attends a mainstream school and is also placed in a mainstream class. He is included in the class whatsapp group, but he doesn’t really have any real friends at school. His friends are his sisters and cousins .
  5. Mel – my youngest daughter who’s 10 years younger than her elder sister and 6 years younger than her brother.

All the three kids were born at the end of August. If they go to schools in England where schools start in September, they’d be among the youngest in their classes. However, they don’t and school year in this country is from January to December, so it hasn’t been so bad for them.

My elder two had been to school in other countries before. As for Mel, even though she was conceived in a foreign land and born in another continent far away, she has never been to school in a foreign country. There’s a high chance that we  might be moving overseas by middle of this year, so InsyaAllah Mel too will get to experience what her siblings had before.